Courses for the 2014-2015 academic year

MAE 101. Statics and Strength of Materials.
4 units; Fall Quarter. Prerequisites: Mathematics 31A, 31B and Physics 1A

Review of vector representation of forces, resultant force and moment, equilibrium of concurrent and nonconcurrent forces. Determinate and indeterminate force systems. Area moments and products of inertia. Support reactions and free-body diagrams for simple models of mechanical and aerospace structures. Internal forces in beams, shear and moment diagrams. Cauchy’s stress and linear strain components in solids, equilibrium equations, Hooke’s law for isotropic solids. Saint Venant’s problems of extension, bending, flexure, and torsion. Deflection of symmetric beams. Axial and hoop stresses in thin-walled pressure vessels.

CM 140/240. Introduction to Biomechanics.
4 units; Winter Quarter. Prerequisites: MAE 101, 102, and 156A or 166A.

Introduction to mechanical functions of human body; skeletal adaptations to optimize load transfer, mobility, and function. Dynamics and kinematics. Fluid mechanics applications. Heat and mass transfer. Power generation. Laboratory simulations and tests.

MAE 256F. Analytical Fracture Mechanics.
4 units; Spring Quarter. Prerequisites: MAE 256A

Review of modern fracture mechanics, elementary stress analyses; analytical and numerical methods for calculation of crack tip stress intensity factors; engineering applications in stiffened structures, pressure vessels, plates, and shells.

Group News
October 2014 Graduate student Brian Ramirez presents a poster at the SACNAS National Conference in Los Angeles. Brian won the graduate student poster presentation award. Congrats Brian!
Brian and his poster!
Brian announced the winner!
September 2014 USA Today releases article referencing Professor Gupta's work with the Axe-handle bat
Find article here.
April 2014 Professor Gupta releases a biomechanical study for a new baseball bat.
Find report here.
September 2013 Local radio station KCRW interviews Professor Gupta regarding his research to make safer helmets for football players
Find article here.
September 2013 Professor Gupta featured in LA Weekly article regarding his research to make a safer football helmet to reduce concussions
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September 2013 Gupta Group research on polymer found online on Gizmag
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September 2013 Gupta Group research on polymer liner included in UCLA's Daily Bruin
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Aug. 2013 Professor Gupta is featured on the UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering website for research to make football helmets safer.
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