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Welcome to the Gupta Lab Group

Our lab specializes in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. These topics include:

- Laser generated Shockwaves and Ultra-high Strain Rate in Materials
- Microelectronic Packaging Systems
- Structural Analysis of Nanoporous Materials
- Pattern transfer in MEMS
- Biological Film Delamination/Destruction
- Sports Biomechanics
- Impact Mitigation and Testing
- Modeling of Mechanical Systems (Elastic and Viscoelastic)
- Nanofabrication: Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)
- Nanocharacterization: Electron Microscopy(SEM, TEM, HRTEM)
- Applied Optics and Interferometry
- Joint Design and Characterization

Interest into composite materials has grown exponentially over the past decade. Their light weight as well as superior mechanical properties are of interest in many military as well as industrial applications. These include navel ship hulls, personal body armor, and large vehicle retrofitting to name a few. Newer fields such as Biomedical Engineering have utilized composities in orthopedic implants, for example, titanium hip implants or prosthetics.

Development of submicron materials are also of great interest today. Characterizing those materials are highly important, and understanding their physical as well as mechanical properties are immense. In the near future, their usefuless in microelectro mechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoscale hybrid-devices (NEMS) will increase dramatically, and conceptualization of newer materials will be significant.

These are just a few areas of research we are interested in. Please feel free to browse our laboratory website, and learn a little bit about what we do here at UCLA!