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Graduate Students

Carolyn Louise Carta

PhD Student (Fall 2014 - Present) | Joined: Fall 2014
Research Lab Associate at Getty Conservation Institute
Email: ccarta@ucla.edu | Linkedin

BA Chemistry, Art History, Studio Art, Trinity College, Connecticut, 2011
MS Chemistry, The College of William and Mary, Virginia, 2014
Focus area and Interests:
- Dissertation Title: Driving Forces of Adhesion Failure between paint and cellulose diacetate in Disney animation cels
- Polymers, Plastics, Art Conservation, Accelerated Aging, Adhesion between Bilayer Composites
Katherine Jiang

PhD Student (Fall 2016 - Present) | Joined: Fall 2017
Email: jiangka@g.ucla.edu | Linkedin

BS Applied Physics, Caltech, Pasadena, 2016

Focus area and Interests:
- Mechanical Testing, Structural Materials, Materials Processing, Nano Characterization
- Tungsten nanopillars
Pratyush Srivastava

PhD Student (Fall 2017 - Present) | Joined: Fall 2017
Email: pratyushucla@ucla.edu | Linkedin

BS Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (India), 2015

Focus area and Interests:
- Shockwave Physics, Nano Mechanics, Applied Optics, Finite Element Analysis
- Modern Control Theory, Molecular Dynamics
Viraat Singh Hooda

MS Student (Fall 2018 - Present)  | Joined: Fall 2019
Email: viraatsh@g.ucla.edu | Linkedin

BS Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi (India), 2018

Focus area and Interests:
- Structural Materials, Failure Analysis, Design for Manufacturing
- Finite Element Analysis

Undergraduate Students

Matthew Pelz

Undergraduate Student (Fall 2017 - Present) | Joined: Winter 2019
Email:mattpelz@ucla.edu | Linkedin

BS Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2021

Focus area and Interests:
- Material Characterization, Shock Test Instrumentation
- Biomechanics, Mechanical Design, Finite Element Analysis
Sameer Khan

Undergraduate Student (Fall 2016 - Present) | Joined: Spring 2019
Email:sameerk9595@gmail.com | Linkedin

BS Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2020

Focus area and Interests:
- Shock Test Instrumentation
- Biomechanics, Mechanical Design

Recent Alumni              

David Preston

Undergraduate Student
Email: daveypreston@ucla.edu

Current Occupation:
Mechanical Engineer (Nordson March)
Jun Hyung Bae

Undergraduate Student
Email: junhyungbae@engineering.ucla.edu

Current Occupation:
Graduate Student
Ryan Crum

Graduate Student
Email: rycrum@ucla.edu

Current Occupation:
Research Scientist (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Carlos Gamez

Graduate Student
Email: carlosgamez@ucla.edu

Current Occupation:
Postdoc Researcher (UCLA)

Brian Ramirez

Graduate Student
Email: bjramirez@ucla.edu

Current Occupation:
Postdoc Researcher (Caltech)

Past Alumni             

George Youssef, PhD

Takayuki Kawasaki

Artemio Navarro, PhD

Fang Xueqian, PhD

Ninh Le

Jason Citron, PhD

Amit Jain, PhD

Jaewoo Shim, PhD

Jun Tian, PhD

Xu Chen, PhD

Xuemei Wang, PhD

Bimal Gandhi

Thomas Yan

Utkarsh Misra

Not Pictured: Andrew Shin, PhD, Andrew Kim, PhD, Lawrence Yoo, PhD, Alexander Pronin, PhD, JianXin Wu, PhD, Ping-Yao Yang, Allen Yu,
                        Kenny Kuwahara, Dan Potter