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Welcome to the Gupta Lab Group

Research Areas

Our Home the Engineering IV Building

Our lab specializes in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. These topics include:

- Laser Generated Flyer Plate Impacts
- Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV)
- Mechanics of Nanostructures
- Blast Pressure Tests on Polymers
- Adhesion Tests of Living Cancer Cells
- Laser generated Shockwaves and Ultra-high Strain Rate in Materials
- Microelectronic Packaging Systems
- Structural Analysis of Nanoporous Materials
- Pattern transfer in MEMS
- Biological Film Delamination/Destruction
- Sports Biomechanics
- Impact Mitigation and Testing
- Modeling of Mechanical Systems (Elastic and Viscoelastic)
- Nanofabrication: Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)
- Nanocharacterization: Electron Microscopy(SEM, TEM, HRTEM)
- Applied Optics and Interferometry
- Joint Design and Characterization

These are just a few areas of research we are interested in. Please feel free to browse our laboratory website, and learn a little bit about what we do here at UCLA.